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Optimize Your Workflow with Swordfish Software’s Innovative Filefish Management Solution!

In 2020, Swordfish Software identified the requirement for effective and budget-friendly management software to enhance the daily operations of our valued clients. Introducing Filefish, a cloud-based solution packed with a range of functionalities to support your unique needs in pre-legal, legal, or recovery debt collection environments. Whether you prefer to use it in conjunction with Swordfish or as a standalone product, Filefish is designed with modularity in mind and serves as a one-stop solution for all your management needs. Boost your productivity and streamline your operations with Swordfish Software’s Filefish Management Solution. Contact us today to learn more!




Service Excellence





Ease of Use

Coaching & Calibration


R5 000 | set up
R4 000 | additional module
R1 000 per month | security & hosting
R699 per month| per API user
R250 per month | per administrative user
15% of monthly Sheriff account | Sheriff manager*

Employee tokens*
R500 per month | 0-15 tokens
R1 000 per month | 15-45 tokens
R2 000 per month | 46-75 tokens
R3 000 per month | 76-99 tokens
R4 000 per month | 100+ tokens

R550 per hour | data imports / mapping / migration
R450 per hour | training & onboarding
R550 per hour | development charge
R650 per hour | administrative assistance
R650 per hour | strategic assistance / consults
R4.50 per kilometre | travel expense*

All prices above exclude VAT
*Sheriff manager: A minimum spend of R50 000 per month
* Employee tokens: HR or IT support modules require tokens
* Travel expenses: R4.50 p/km or applicable air travel and accommodation rates


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